Massage Therapy

Marco Souza massothérapie

Kinetic Swedish Massage®

Combining firmness and gentleness, Swedish massage is primarily carried out and acts upon the muscles, joints, skin, breathing, and the nervous system. Its effects are felt on the overall health of the person. In addition to providing great muscle relaxation, it promotes an increased range of motion, hence the term “kinetic”, referring to movement.

Sports Massage

A technique based on Swedish massage and kinesiotherapy. Very effective for maintaining muscle tone, preparing for many types of activities and recovering after exercise. Maximizes sports performance and reduces the risk of injury. Ideal for athletes with special needs, anyone who is physically active or those looking for a powerful massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage (without oil) is focused on the realignment of muscle layers and surrounding connective tissue. In addition to providing pain relief, this type of massage helps improve mobility restrictions arising from musculoskeletal strains or injuries.

Californian massage

A massage consisting of continuous and enveloping fluid movements, long strokes, kneading, as well as sliding movements that penetrate deep into the tissues to release tension. It increases body awareness and helps reach a state of openness, relaxation, and release.

Hot Stones

Of Native American origin, this type of massage uses volcanic stones as a heat source to relieve muscle stiffness and release toxins. An unequaled sense of energetic well-being is guaranteed.

Namikoshi Shiatsu

Namikoshi Shiatsu is a set of manoeuvres with various vigorous and rhythmic pressure (fingers, hands, elbows), the main goal being not just the stimulation of the meridians, but the relaxation of the deeper muscles. This type of “sports” massage of Japanese origin is firm and rhythmic. The receiver wears comfortable clothes or is covered with a thin cloth. It increases the vitality, energy and alertness of the receiver.